Bianca stands at 161cm/5 feet 3.4 inches, and has a fresh look.

She comes across delightfully, with presence and poise.
She is well suited to many different outfits & looks.

Her body has a slim figure, and is flexible, and has a feminine appearance. 

She is a 100% solid TPE sex doll, with a metal skeleton contained therein.
She has the 160cm body with head Bianca

Full Height with Head: 161cm - 5 Feet 3.4 inches
Weight: 42.0kg - 92.6lbs

Bust: 83cm - 32.71 inches
Chest: 70cm - 27.5 inches
Waist: 61cm - 24.0 inches
Hip: 88cm - 34.6 inches

Vaginal Depth : 17cm - 6.7 inches
Anal Depth : 15cm - 5.9 inches
Mouth Depth : 15cm - 5.9 inches 

Interactive areas: O/FV & RV/A - Oral, Fixed Vagina & Removable Vagina, and Anal capacity.


The Skin color of your doll, can have a major impact upon the look you wish her to have.

  • White - Pale
  • Natural
  • Tan
  • Black


The eyes are essentially in the shape of a hollow hemisphere, and are placed into the hollow of the eye socket.

The hollow of the eyeball itself, is filled with synthetic/wool padding, to provide pressure and traction, and keep the eye(s) in position, so the eyes can be moved easily within the eye socket/head of the doll.

Doll Eyes

There are 4 eye types:

  1. Blue Eyes
  2. Brown Eyes
  3. Green Eyes
  4. Grey Eyes


6YE Hair

The hair of your doll will have huge impact upon the look and impression of her to others.

More classically elegant looks will benefit from longer styles that can be simply brushed and worn, or styled (Up, Down, Pigtails, etc.)
Please note, that longer length wigs take more care to keep tangle free.

More youthful styles are typically shorter (though not exclusively) than a classical look, but are a lot easier to keep tangle free.

It is good practice to have more than one wig for your doll so that she may easily adapt to your mood.


Your Doll will have the foot options:

  • Standard Feet - will not bear the weight of the doll
  • Stand-Up Feet - will bear the weight of the doll 


Your Doll will have three basic fingernail types*:

  • White Manicure
  • Red Manicure
  • Black Manicure

The colour of the nail actually refers to the area of the nail that is connected to the skin/quick.

Pubic Hair


You can opt for pubic hair for your 6YE doll

Areola & Labia Tones

Areolas can be in 4 colours:

  • Skin
  • Pink
  • Flesh
  • Dark

Breast Type

You can opt to have hollow or solid breasts for your doll.

Shoulder Type

You can opt to have shrugging shoulders for your doll.

Vagina Type

You can opt to have fixed, or removable vagina for your doll.

Delivery Times for Love dolls/Sex Dolls

Delivery times can vary depending upon the complexity of the order and number of dolls ordered.

The typical times from order to construction can be up to 7-days.
Once the order has commenced production can take 7-14 days. 

If the Doll specification is very typical, there is the possibility that the factory may hold that model in 'floating' stock.
This would reduce the production time to 1-3 days. This is of course, at the discretion of the manufacturer.

So Customers are respectfully requested to expect a delivery time of 14-31 days from Order to Delivery for their Doll(s).

Vital Statistics
Type TPE
Head Bianca
Body 6YE 161cm C-Cup
Height 161cm - 5 Feet 3.4 inches
Weight 42.0kg - 92.6lbs
Bust 83cm - 32.71 inches
Chest/Band 70cm - 27.5 inches
Waist 61cm - 24.0 inches
Hips 88cm - 34.6 inches
Other Measurements
Shoulder Width 34cm - 13.4 inches
Arm Length 59cm - 23.2 inches
Leg Length 82cm - 32.3 inches
Upper Arm Girth
Wrist Girth
Thigh Girth 52cm - 20.5 inches
Calf Girth 34cm - 13.4 inches
Ankle Girth
Foot Length 21.0cm - 8.3 inches
Interactive Areas
Vaginal Depth 17cm - 6.7 inches
Anal Depth 15cm - 5.9 inches
Oral Depth 15cm - 5.9 inches

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161cm C-Cup Head Bianca (Premium Series)

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