The-Doll-House of the District of Columbia (DC)

We are a retailer of Premium quality, photorealistic, kinaesthetically convincing, high-end, luxury love/sex dolls.We offer a variety of dolls from some of the finest manufacturers available:

  • Jinsan
    • WM Dolls
    • YL Dolls 
    • OR Dolls
  • Doll Forever
    • Piper Doll
    • Doll House 168
  • Sino Dolls
    • Z-One Dolls
  • DS Dolls
  • JM Dolls
  • Sanhui Dolls
  • CLM Dolls
Check out the doll selection and customize them to your individual preferences by customizing the doll using a variety of individual heads, bodies, hair, eyes, skin colors, nails, and accessories.

All doll images used throughout this site are available for sale, and all positions seen within the imagery are naturally achieved.

The-Doll-House (DC) lies within the legal jurisdication within the United States of America. PayPal has full purchase protection/which allows PayPal to refund any money that has been paid to The-Doll-House (DC), should you be less than satisfied with your purchase.

What Is A Love Doll?

The-Doll-House supplies TPE (Thermoplastic elastomer) and silicone love dolls/sex dolls. They contain metal skeletons which allow them to be fully poseable (with enough resistance to support the weight of the doll). The skin is very life-like and true to real human shape.

These dolls are so realistic, that these dolls can and have been used as fashion and art models. The dolls can be dressed, and positioned all day, without a single movement. Perfect for an aspiring photographer, painter, or artist wishing to work with a beautiful model while they master their craft. Any art or imagery produced will be free of any licensing, and the artist retains copyright, all for the price of a doll.

Sexual Benefits

Love dolls provide sexual benefits to:
  • Single or divorced people wishing to safely express their sexuality, and need for love and companionship.
  • People In relationships with different sexual needs/who spend significant time alone or apart.
  • People wishing to improve their sexual stamina and prevent premature ejaculation.
  • People wishing to experiment with new sexual positions that their spouse or significant other cannot.

Sex Without Compromise

Considering the risks of marriage and dating, a doll is both a cheap and safe alternative to traditional relationships. A doll can provide for your biological need for love and sex without the risks of losing your property and freedom in a divorce, STDs, false accusations of sexual crimes, unwanted pregnancies, blackmail, or the miscellaneous drama of relationships.


Please use the online contact form for general inquiries, or use the contact details for written inquiries.

While most contact we receive is in regards to doll orders and customizations, we are also available for general questions about doll use, aftercare, maintenance, and repairs.


Adult Content

By accessing this site, you declare that you are of the legal majority age according to the laws within your country, and are legally allowed to view content that implies nudity in a potentially sexually suggestive manner.


Please be aware that there are many unscrupulous dealers who steal the imagery from manufacturers, in order to advertise what looks like a real Love Doll/Sex Doll.

these vendors will then either, supply you with a fake copy of the actual advertised doll, or supply you with a doll that is not fully solid TPE or Silicone (partial inflatable), or even not supply you with a doll at all, but simply take your money, and disappear.


Payments can be made in a variety of ways:

  • PayPal account, The-Doll-House will direct you to the PayPal site in order to transfer the funds. 
  • PayPal will work out any foreign exchange for you. 
  • This ensures PayPal protection.
Credit/Debit card
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