Jinsan Supersoft Plush Blanket

These incredibly soft plushy fleece blankets are included as packing materials with the purchase of all Jinsan (WM, YL, OR) dolls.
  • These blankets serve as a protective cushion for dolls when they're being stored or transported in boxes or flight cases.
  • They can also be used to protect your doll from dust, lint, and debris when being stored in the standing position (using the optional standing feet), or wrapped around the doll when stored via the suspension kit.
  • The blankets generate natural static electricity to stick to themselves, so no additional ties are neccisary to ensure the blankets stay in place.
  • The blankets are safe to use with TPE. The color will not stain the doll's stain, nor will the leave link of "fuzz" on your TPE doll's skin.