Inserts for TPE Sex Dolls

  • TPE Insert for WM OR and YL dolls
  • TPE Insert for WM OR and YL dolls
  • TPE Insert for WM OR and YL dolls
Inserts for TPE Dolls can be inspecific to which make of TPE doll may use them, as the TPE is very soft and malleable enough to fit into most full size doll vaginal cavities. The insert, as the name suggests, is inserted into the vaginal cavity, and provides a realistic vaginal experience.The advantages of an Insert/Removable Vagina, are that once 'used', it can be removed from the doll for easy cleaning, whereas a Fixed Vagina must be cleaned in-situ. Over time, an Insert can become 'tired' and it is good practice to replace the insert, to ensure the most rewarding experience from a doll. The TPE colour of the inserts is Natural, and has dimensions of: 5cm diameter, 18cm length.


Removeable vagina options have recently expanded due to recent upgrades in doll design, and by popular demand. All removeable vaginas are 5cm wide (1.97inches) by 18cm long (7.09inches).

Standard Removeable Vagina

The standard removeable vagina is what is included with all dolls, and comes with a hole width of 1cm (0.39 inches) which is suitably tight and pleasurable for the vast majority of customers.

Standard Natural Removeable Vagina 

The natural standard removeable vagina has a hole width of 1cm (0.39 inches) and looks similar to the normal standard removable vagina on the outside. However INSIDE the insert, the depth is only 10cm/4in (despite the total length of the insert being 18cm to accomidate the uniform cavity). The insert also contains two distinct chambers to more accurately simulate an anatomically correct vagina. This insert maximizes realism, but the shallower depth may make this uncomfortable for some customers.

Wide Removeable Vagina

For our more ... *ahem* ... endowed customers, we offer a removeable vagina with a hole width of 2cm. If you've found that past vaginas have been painfully tight, a wider vagina may be exactly what you need. The overall length is identical to the standard vagina, so if you're longer than 18cm (7.09 inches) we can't help you with that. The vagina must still fit within the standard doll cavity, which is a uniform 18cm.

Medium Removable Vagina

The medium removable insert has a 1.5cm hole, and fits in between the standard and wide inserts in terms of width. If standard inserts are too tight, but wide inserts are too loose, this one might have that "just right" feel you've been looking for.

Flat Vs. Rounded Style

The classic flat removeable vagina inserts have been discontinued, but the rounded inserts do fit all Jinsan doll removable vagina cavities, but the rounded style may have more give than you're used to in older dolls.