Developed by Revy Innovations, Waifu-Goo is a lubricant based on mineral oil rather than water. This is especially ideal for TPE dolls.

  • Water-based lubricant can damage a TPE doll if not cleaned out and dried after use, causing unpleasant smells and mold damage over time.
  • Mineral-oil based lubricant will not damage a TPE doll and does not need to be cleaned out. The TPE will simply soak the lube up.
  • Mineral-oil based lubricant can be used in place of standard mineral oil and makes TPE doll maintenance "fun".
  • Can be used as massage oil, moisturizer, skin protectant, lip balm, or any other application where mineral oil can be used.
  • Mineral-oil based lubricant is made from food-grade mineral oil and is unscented.

Each bottle contains 8 oz. of mineral-oil based lubricant.

  • Small batch product
  • Hand crafted and homemade
  • Each bottle comes with a random whimsical anime sticker

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Waifu Goo - Mineral Oil Based Lubricant

  • Product Code: Waifu Goo - Mineral Oil Based Lubricant
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