Doll House 168 / Doll Forever Doll Builder


This is where You, the Customer can build your doll to your personal specifications. 

This will involve a few steps: 

  • Choose the body that you require - this will define the main cost of your doll 
  • Choose a head that is compatible with your chosen body 
  • Select doll options as normal 
  • Click 'Add To Cart' Enter details and confirm purchase and payment 
  • Wait for your specified Doll to arrive

Doll House 168 (DH168) Body Types

  • DH168 145cm EVO
  • DH168 146cm
  • DH168 150cm
  • DH168 156cm EVO
  • DH168 158cm Plus
  • DH168 161cm
  • DH168 170cm EVO
Doll House 168 dolls comes in basic and advanced "EVO" bodies which have additional functionality due to an improved skeleton.

Not all DH168 bodies are available as EVO bodies.

Basic DH168 Bodies:
  • 145cm
  • 146cm
  • 150cm
  • 156cm
  • 158cm
  • 161cm Plus
  • 170cm

DH168 EVO Bodies:
  • 145cm
  • 156cm
  • 170cm

Doll Forever (D4E) Body Types

  • Doll 4 Ever 145cm
  • Doll4Ever
  • Doll4Ever
  • Doll4Ever
  • Doll4Ever
  • Doll4Ever
  • Doll4Ever
Doll Forever has some unique body designs that share compatibility with DH168, including a three-breasted body.

Doll Forever 
  • 145cm
  • 146cm
  • 146cm Three-Breast
  • 155cm
  • 155cm Fit
  • 165cm Small Breast
  • 165cm Big Breast

Skin Tone Options

The Skin colour of your doll, can have a major impact upon the look you wish her to have.

  • White - Pale
  • Honey - Light
  • Tan - Dark

Sporty girls are more likely to have a tanned, outdoors look to their skin, so The-Doll-House would advise a Honey Skin for a doll to look like an outdoors type of girl.

White skin is very pale, and good for a very Caucasian or a very pale Japanese look. Only light cosmetics should be used, unless a Gothic/Punk style is to be employed. 

Tan skin is very dark, for a particularly exotic look, which goes very well with Brown eyes for an authentic look, and Green eyes for an unusually pretty look. Different cosmetics will be required for dark skin as opposed to the other colours of skin

Eye Color Options

The eyes are essentially in the shape of a hollow hemisphere, and are placed into the hollow of the eye socket.

The hollow of the eyeball itself, is filled with synthetic/wool padding, to provide pressure and traction, and keep the eye(s) in position, so the eyes can be moved easily within the eye socket/head of the doll.

There are three colours of eyes for your doll:

  • Blue Eyes
  • Green Eyes
  • Brown Eyes


There are 8 wigs available for DH168 dolls:

  • No. 1: Dark Brown Long Fringed Hair
  • No. 2: Dark Brown Non-Fringed Long Hair
  • No. 3: Black Long Non-Fringed Long Hair
  • No. 4: Black Non-Fringed Long Hair
  • No. 5: Brown Short Hair
  • No. 6: Blonde Hair
  • No. 7: Brown Non-Fringed Long Hair
  • No. 8: Mouse Brown Long Hair

Premium Hair/Wigs

There are 6 premium wigs available for DH168 dolls. These wigs are $25 as an add-on, or $10 in place of the standard wig:

  • A1: Fringed Mouse Brown Short Hair
  • A2: Fringed Black Short Hair
  • A3: Medium No-Fringe Copper Hair
  • B1: Long Fringed Blonde Hair
  • B2: Long Fringed Brown Hair
  • B3: Long Fringed Black Hair

Foot Type

There are two foot types with a DollHouse168 doll:

  • Standing - Will bear the weight of the doll on 3 studs in the feet that go directly to the steel skeleton, meaning the weight of the doll will not deform the TPE.
  • Normal - better for people who desire a more realistic foot, but will not be able to stand the doll for more than 30 minutes without risking damaging the TPE from the weight of the doll on the flexible material.

Pubic Hair Options

There are three colours of pubic hair that can be applied to a DollHouse168 doll:


Vagina Options

There are two types of vagina with a DollHouse168 doll:

Built In / Fixed - much like a real woman, where the vagina is an itegral part of the doll. It is fixed in place and cannot be removed, so cleaning is more difficult.

Insert / Removable - where an insert is placed into the vaginal cavity (past the labia, so cannot be seen - unlike the image) and can be easily removed for cleaning.

Lip Options

Lips can either be:

  • Normal: naturally colored with a matte effect
  • Coating: naturally colored with a gloss effect

Breast Options

Breasts can either be:

  • Solid - for a more organic feel

  • Hollow - for a more jiggly experience

Finger & Toe Nails

Fingernails and Toenails for your doll.

  • Natural
  • Pink French Manicure