Marie (EVO)

DH168 Head Marie

This head is compatible with 

  • 145cm EVO
  • 156cm EVO
  • 170cm EVO

Skin Colour

The Skin colour of your doll, can have a major impact upon the look you wish her to have.

  • White - Pale
  • Honey - Light
  • Tan - Dark

Sporty girls are more likely to have a tanned, outdoors look to their skin, so The-Doll-House would advise a Honey Skin for a doll to look like an outdoors type of girl.
White skin is very pale, and good for a very Caucasian or a very pale Japanese look. Only light cosmetics should be used, unless a Gothic/Punk style is to be employed.
Tan skin is very dark, for a particularly exotic look, which goes very well with Brown eyes for an authentic look, and Green eyes for an unusually pretty look. Different cosmetics will be required for dark skin as opposed to the other colours of skin

Eye Colour

The eyes are essentially in the shape of a hollow hemisphere, and are placed into the hollow of the eye socket.
The hollow of the eyeball itself, is filled with synthetic/wool padding, to provide pressure and traction, and keep the eye(s) in position, so the eyes can be moved easily within the eye socket/head of the doll.
There are three colours of eyes for your doll:

  • Blue Eyes
  • Green Eyes
  • Brown Eyes


There are eight hair options with a DollHouse168 doll:

  • Dark Brown Long Fringed Hair
  • Dark Brown Non-Fringed Long Hair
  • Black Long Non-Fringed Long Hair
  • Black Non-Fringed Long Hair
  • Brown Short Hair
  • Blonde Hair
  • Brown Non-Fringed Long Hair

  • Mouse Brown Long hair

Lip Options

Lips can either be:

  • Normal: naturally colored with a matte effect

  • Coating: naturally colored with a gloss effect