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Silicone Versus TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer)

Silicone, also known as silicone rubber, is a mixture of silicon polymer with carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) is a mixture of plastic and rubber. Every manufacturer uses their own formula, which means that TPE  is more of a "catch-all" which may include several compounds which differ from manufacturer to manufacturer . This means that TPE quality may vary wildly between manufacturers, especially among "knock-off" brands. 

Even high-quality TPE is less expensive to produce than silicone, which means that even high-end TPE dolls are more affordable than those made from silicone.  TPE is becoming more popular, largely as a product of the lower price, but also because it is softer to the touch compared to silicone, and has a more realistic "jiggle factor". However, doll owners say that silicone dolls can sometimes last longer than TPE dolls due to being more resistant to damage.

TPE Pros And Cons


  • TPE is softer to the touch compared to silicone
  • More elastic and flexible which can handle more positions compared to silicone
  • Retains warmth, but sensitive to excessive heat
  • Cheaper than silicone
  • Skin has a more realistic look compared to silicone
  • Hypoallergenic 


  • More prone to staining than silicone
  • Naturally sticky. This can be fixed by rubbing baby powder or corn starch over the doll
  • Porous. Mold can grow in the doll over time if doll is not cleaned and dried regularly
  • TPE cannot be sterilized
  • Harder to repair compared to silicone
  • TPE requires baby oil and/or petroleum jelly treatments to keep material "saturated" and avoid damage and deterioration.

Silicone Pros And Cons


  • Allows for greater fine detail in the vagina and anus
  • Less sensative to heat than TPE, but retains less warmth
  • Easier to clean, and can be sterilized
  • More resistant to damage, water, and staining
  • Less required maintaince and easier to repair
  • As silicone is heat resistant, can include integrated heating systems for added realism
  • Hypoallergenic


  • More expensive than TPE
  • Not as soft as TPE. Feels more like muscle
  • Breasts and booty will not "jiggle"
  • While less sticky than TPE, does require baby powder or corn starch to make smooth
  • While easier to clean than TPE, requires cleaning and can mold if moisture is not dried
  • Skin has an unnatural sheen and looks less realisitc compared to TPE

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Asian (Silicone)

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Mixed Asain (Silicone)

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White/Hispanic (Silicone)

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Fantasy (Silicone)

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Black (Silicone)

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Fantasy (Silicone)